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Ronning Healthcare Solutions is devoted to ideas -- and therefore thinking.  Ted Leavitt said, "Managers spend too much time doing and not enough time thinking."  The most important task of the consultant is to help managers think -- about opportunities, innovations and problems.  Ideas are the byproduct of thinking and are fundamental to learning and learning means changing.  To learn is to incorporate new information into the mental models that load aims into the decision-making process and decisions influence the behavior with through which organizations grow and prosper.

Our services are intended to assist organizations to generate the change and the growth necessary for success.  For healthcare to respond to the challenges we face, change must be both organizational and personal.  While accountable care and accountable care organizations are recieving attention today the intent of this movement is fundamental to any organizagtion: define the value proposition and do what is required to excel at delivering on that promise.  RHS assists its clients in refinging their value proposition, organizing to deliver it and challenging the individuals comprising the organization to bring necessary change about.

In addition to our focus on organizing healthcare,  RHS has unique expertise in the organization and management of specialty services  including caridollogy, cardiovascular surgery, transplant, neurosciences, orthopedics, women's and children's, imaging and oncology.  Accountable care, with its focus on reducing the costs and improving the quality of care, brings a new challenge to the specialties.  We are assiting our clients in redesigning Centers of Excellence as Centers of Value..

Our clients, numbering over 300, have brought us to 48 states, to urban and rural markets, to unaffiliated community hospitals and universities, to organizations enjoying relative peace and those rife with alienation and turbulence, to clients with a gentle payer mix and to those with seemingly impossible managed care rates and dominance.  This mix and depth of market and organizational experiences allows us to bring an informed and robust approach to each unique engagement.

We look forward to learning about your situation and needs and working with you on enhancing productivity, performance and profitability.

Ronning Healthcare Solutions
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Accountable Care News published Parsimony: Accountable Care's Big Idea, authored by Philip L. Ronning.  Click on the title for the PDF file copy.


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